Our tutors come from all walks of life

They have been professors, businessmen and women, teachers and people who wish to continue growing their knowledge for the fun of it.

U3A is a volunteer organisation and is therefore entirely dependent on volunteer tutors. Membership of U3A Redlands is a pre-requisite of attending classes.

All of our tutors and activity coordinators are enthusiatic and experienced in their field. 

Become a tutor

If you are interested in becoming a tutor we ask you to contact our office and speak to one of our Tutor Liaison Officers who can give advice.

We expect prospective tutors to have a certain level of expertise in their chosen course. For example, language tutors should be able to speak, write and read in the language they are teaching and athletic tutors should have a level of fitness necessary for their pursuit.

Tutors should be aware that their students do not require pre-requisites to attend classes at U3A and courses are designed appropriately.

Meet our tutors

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Alex Campbell
German - Beginners
Alex Shrubsole
Ramblers - Redlands U3A
Barbara Wyllie
Play Reading
Beate Shaw - class co-ordinator
Italian - Intermediate
Betty Bowdler
Country Dancing (English/Australian)
Bob Foster
Ukulele Group - GRUBS - Tutor
Brian Haddon
Classic Music For Pleasure
Carole Clark
Pedal for Pleasure Group
Cheryl Christie
Vintage Voices Singers
Chris Moss - Co-ordinator
Ukulele Groups - GRUBS
Claire Hickey
Italian Intermediate Class Co-ordinator
David Lamont
Art Drawing
Desley Loch
Ancient History
Donald Blair
Lawn Bowls for Beginners - Cleveland
Dr George Chapman
A Brief History of DNA
Frank Howell
Luncheon Club
Gail Hill-Hartporter
Fun with Jewellery
George Chapman
DNA Secrets of Life
Gloria Claus
Life In Australia
Graham Applegate
Cryptic Crosswords - Beginners
Graham Josefski
Watercolour Art
Graham Kimber
Pedalling Pathfinders
Greg Cudmore
Term 4 - Law - Criminal Law Part 2 and Law - Your Rights
Hazel McArthur
Solo Cards
Heather Brennan
Heather Heron
Scottish Country Dancing
Heidi Kirsch
German - Advanced
Helen Neate
German - Intermediate
Hilary Barton
Seed Beading Group
Hilary Martyn - Class Co-ordinator
Art Drawing
Ian McFadzen
Water Aerobics (Mixed) - More Energetic
Jan Buchanan
Ukulele Butterflies Performance Group and Water Aerobics
Janet Kent
Jean Howell
Luncheon Club
Jill Allen
Cooking for Fun
Jill Tilson
Jim Birmingham
Pedalling Pathfinders
John Butler
Exploring Digital Phtography and Adobe Photoshop Light Room for Beginners
John Hardman
Stamp & Coin Collecting
John Jenkins
John Moss
Botany in the Bush
John Tranter
French - Conversation
John Yanni
Paper Quilling
Julianne Whitehead
Adult Literacy
June Busfield
Ladies Coffee Club
Ken Busfield
Pedal For Pleasure & Cycling For Local Rides
Ken Charles
Armchair Travel and Water Aerobics
Lala Martin
Book Discussion
Laurie Dyer
Ukulele Group - GRUBS - Tutor
Laurie Haylock
Art - Practical
Len Davey
Camera Club
Leonie Pitman
Water Aerobics - (Mixed) More Energetic
Les McFadzen
Genealogy and Water Aerobics
Lesley Economou
Fun with French (Intermediate)
Lesley Hill
Lawn Bowls - Capalaba Ney Road
Lindsay Shepherd
Philosophy For Everyone
Lyn Jackson
Learn to Lawn Bowl and Advanced Lawn Bowl Skills
Lyn McKenna
Computer Class - Powerpoint Workshop
Lyn Moore
French - Grammar Intermediate - Class coordinator for Term 2
Lynn Roberts
Botany in the Bush
Madeleine Mionnet
Computer Classes Co-ordinator
Marcell Gorman
Margaret Moroney
Margaret Ward
Choir & Piano / Keyboard Group
Margaret Watters
Meditation and Create An Extraordinary Life
Marie-Claire Steinbach
French Beginners - Conversation
Marj Wallace
Cooks' Night Off
Marlene Mailander
Cryptic Crosswords - Intermediate
Merryl Peterson
Social Tennis
Michael Hubert
French for Beginners
Murray Porteous
Garden Club - Community
Nahn Shimmons
Beginners Tai Chi - Introcution to Tai Chi (Yang Style)
Narelle McCarty
Scrabble Group -
Neville Knott
Religions of the World
Nina Davey
Camera Club
Noel Preston
Understanding Ethics
Pat Comer
Book Discussion
Paul Claus
Life In Australia
Pauline Clayton
Water Exercise (Mixed) - Gentle Water Exercises
Penny Stewart
Various Computer Courses
Rae Green
Mahjong - Cleveland Manor
Randolph Story
Golf Group - Social
Rhondda Todd
Mahjong - Mandalay
Robert Haworth
Mahjong - RSL Moreton Shores Group 2
Robyn Bree
Writing For Pleasure and For the Joy of Writing Group
Rose Reidlinger
Mahjong - Capalaba Group
Rosemary Hillier
Book Discussion
Roy Evans
Introduction to Photoshop
Sandra Ladbrooke
Breakfast Club
Shahin Master
Flower Arranging
Sheila Giles
Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement
Sjaak Gerritsen
Easy Photo Management
Susan Willingham
RUMT - Musical Theatre
Sylvia Bridge
Patchwork & Quilting
Terri Story
Dancing Group - Beginners Tap, Jazz
Terry Murray
Tiiu von Kymmel
Yoga & Relaxation and Astrology Basics
Tony Cook
French Conversation Advanced
Trevor Roberts
French - Conversation
Ursula Fox
Dancing - Social: Old time, new vogue, sequence, ballroom, latin, rock & roll, line dancing
Valerie Decker
Fun with Flowers
Virginia Ridgley
Vivien Carlsson
Pedal for Pleasure Group
Vivienne Wood
Water Aerobics (Mixed) - More Energetic
Vivinee Berkeley
Mahjong - Beginners